Apr 3, 2010

THANK YOU reviewers!!!

Miss Tinsel C would like to say a BIG thank you to all the reviewers who have came in and walk in Tinseltown Chic. We here promise to bring you more fashion and more clothing including accesories in the future!!

Thank you for stopping by and review Tinsel-town Chic

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Miss Tinsel C

Diary Addiction reviews on 02/04/10

The Luxurious Fashionista review on 02/04/10

Sophisticated Trenchcoat

Last piece from our Look Sharp, Dress to Success collection handpicked with love for you!

Well structed, double-breasted trenchcoat easily take you to the top effortlessly. Perfect to wear just it is with a spagetti top inside as its not too thick till make you sweat and also keep you warm as an outer clothing.

A MUST buy item! Buttoned front closures, long sleeve with a buckle tab at the elbow and also a ribbon belt with the same material!

Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Thick cotton (very good quality!!)
Colour: Black
Status: SOLD OUT

Spotted!!! Rihanna looking elegant in a black trenchcoat.  Or you can wear it like a coat with a dress inside!  ;-)

Green Kimono Dress

Bored with just black and white, shirt and pencil skirt? Lighten up your day in office with this Kimono dress. Best of all its so laid back that you can wear on weekends too!

Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Strechable Cotton
Colour: Blueish  green
Status :  SOLD
Check out how celebrities flaunting a Kimono dress

Apr 2, 2010

Twisted Sister

This is will make everyone in office tougue-tied! Knotting your promotion in your grasp.  The Spring/Summer 2010 lookout as seen in Fashionista in YOU article "What's the Summer/Spring Trend 2010"

Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Strechable Cotton
Colour: Greyish Light green
Price: RM45
Status : Available

Check out the power house showing off the twist and knots!

Apr 1, 2010

Tie Me a Bow

Sometimes you need show off a little of your nicely scrub and polised shoulders. This is a halter dress that comes with a ribbon collar to tie to style. Pockets at both side of the dress and check out the bottome of the dress design too!!
Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Cotton (very good quality!!)
Colour: Mustard Yellow/Black
Price: RM50
Status : Available

Scoop Collar Dress

Simple yet a winning dress. This dress looks simple yet brings the sophiscated on you to work. It comes with pockets on both sides and simple designs at the bottom of the dress.

Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Cotton (very good quality!!)
Colour: Black/White (last piece!!)
Price: RM50 
NOW ONLY RM40 (last piece!!)
Status: Available
 SOLD - black

Comes in 2 most versatile colour to choose from

Look Sharp, Dress to Success

Hello Babes!!!!  We are back..........!!!

You have just shopped for CNY and Valentine's Day but are you forgetting about updating your working clothes??

Dressing up to office doesn't mean  you have to leave your personal style behind.  The goal is to get dressed for work is to project a competent image and looked polished and professional regardless of your employement level or career path.

In Tinseltown Chic, you can find out which looks give you a polished, professional look and which fashions can be a career killer.

As promise, here we have our handpicked item for you to LOOK SHARP and LOOK SMART!!!

Tune to our updates!! 

Ms Tinsel C