Mar 31, 2010

Crazy End-of-Month Sales!

~ Hurry..Hurry... price will be reverted at 11.59pm on 2-Apr-10~
Sorry girls...SALES OVER, stay tune to our next crazy sales...

We are going crazy.... all these clothes now only at RM30!!  It's only from today, 31st-Mar till 2nd-April.'s not an April Fool joke!  So, hurry ya and grab it before others do!  All sizes are available in 1 pcs only, just different colors. 

Colour Block Spring Dress - great office wear! 

Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Cotton
Colour: Mix and match
RM 35 Now RM30!
Status : Available

Double Flower Power Dress - use as tube or make it into a skirt! 

Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Chiffon
Colour: Brown/White/Black
RM 35 Now RM30!
Status: Available

Nautical Stripe Dress - Feel the ocean Breeze! 

Size: UK 6 to 10
Material: Cotton
Colour: Blue/Black/Pink/White/Purple/Green
RM 40 Now RM30!
Status: Available

Rocker Glam Dress - party the nite away in this cool rocker stylish dress! 

Size: UK 8 to 12
Material: Cotton mix Polyester
Colour: Pearl white/Black/Blue green/Silver
RM 60 Now at RM30
Status: Available

Babes, after looking....we hope you still can breathe!  1,2, 3.... catch your breathe, now... e-mail us your orders! 

Mar 26, 2010

Fabric Card Holder

Peep...peep, what's inside this Coach Wristlet?
Oooo... tt's a fabric card holder that you can use to keep your cards and IC as well as some money without mess in your wristlet!  Don't you find it hard to find your cards?  Well, if you don't have a wristlet you can still place your cards, IC and money when going out for a quick grab of either bfast, tea or supper!  No need to carry big handbag around. 

Price: RM 15
Measurement: 13.5cm (L) and 10cm (W)
Materials : 100% Japanese or US cotton

Cool idea? Pre-order this card holder by placing a deposit of 70% (or RM10) and will custom made for you!  Delivery within 2 weeks time from order confirm date.  Hurry ya, limited order only. 

Current Fabric Selection:

TypeA - Checkers, of blue and red
TypeB - Small cherries
TypeC - Japanese flower with gold lining

Mar 24, 2010

CNY clothes now on sales - 1 more to go!

Size: UK 6 to 12
Material: Floral Printed Cotton
Colour: Black
Price: RM 49 

Status: Available

** Comes with side zipper for easy wearing. Shirring at the back of the dress for better fit.

Mar 22, 2010

March Clothes... up for grab!


We are compiling our April collections so here are some REALLY worth buying dresses and tops!! We mean it REALLY WORTH buying!! Happy shopping!

Cute Korean Hot Dress
Size: UK6 to 10
Material: Cotton
Price: RM29
Status: SOLD OUT - no restock

Black and white Stripe Hanging Dress
Size: UK6 to 10
Material: Strechable Cotton
Price: RM23
Status: SOLD OUT - no restock

Mar 8, 2010

Color Block Bareback Dress

We are back!!

Babes!! If you have missed out the Colour Block Jersey Dress, check this out!! More playful and can do double!! Wear it as a bareback dress at night and as a Jersey Dress in the morning!! This is what we call "Morning After Dark"
Size: UK 6 to 10
Material:  Strechable Cotton
Colour: Mix and match 
Status: Available
SOLD - 01, 05, 06

Do double with this Colour Block Bareback Dress!!
Now only left 3 fabulous colour to match!!